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Poem 16 For 2011 April
Bi-literal interpretation. OR the INOrdination of Rome. Combine the pressure of National poetry month of April 2011 with the useless worry of every Day life then multiplex it into GIGO bytes into my nerve endings then time it into how could anyone use the microwave in the study room the thing is just too heavy to Carry down them steps besides most of my food is pre cooked. No one is cleaning ducks here from the pond ici. The left over from the children suffices to fill me like one more Day its like miracles when eye get food. Why did Jesus go without food did his body functions work did he think his body dirty. He did not like to use the restrooms on the Roman Iter. The Tracks the soldiers left with the Chariot's made ruts too hard for sandals to walk into them. There wAs never any toilet pooper paper there. The other Christians never carried no paper neither they roughed it in the bushes on the side of the roade. There is never no room in the inn for Jesus. The limits of the rudiments of the roots of the forever outcast numb me now. The NEWS teller tells the worst disaster then the caller comes online. Lets listen in. Phone : We need the names of the people who died. NEWS : we do not give the information until after the investigation. Phone : I might be the family member of one of those dead people. NEWS : “unintelligiblehissingnoises” coughing Loud hew hawing then silence. Phone : tell me in English this time. NEWS : we will publish the information you need long after you get it from other sources we will soon publish this information when you no longer have need of it. We do the NEWS we do not do Public Service. HOWEVER we did some research AS to what humans do we think you should GET OFF THE PHONE now go call some of your relatives. Have Nice Day. The long click then the tone then silence. jjones.
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