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 fifteen npm fifteen npm

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PostSubject: fifteen npm fifteen npm   Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:59 am

fifteen npm
fifteen npm
The Webstir with the Devile.
SIck why do you get so SIck.
Devile : You would not be so sick if you were not the bad person you would not be so sickly so poor iff you could only be good or be Godly.
Webstir : Consider JOB how he suffered.
Devile : humnnm. Perhaps eye misjudged you.
You see JOB well he wAs A good person.
Webstir : you see how you just condemned yourself you wound up agreeing with me. Why then did this GOOD PERSON JOB suffer so much for doing good humnnm.
Devile : you mock me sir. So do you wish to be compared to him to be like JOB the job is mine oh ho he he. He buffed his nails till they shinned in Webstirs face. Then he smiled.
Webstir sings:
eyem going to this party up in Heaven when eye die
the entrance fee is just the givers name
just tell someone his name
to see me there
its his price he paid
you do not have to be no one
to party there with me
just bring yourself to me
Webstir bowed his Head then cried
then the Devile wept inside
when he seen my fifteen npm poetry
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fifteen npm fifteen npm
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