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You think eyem Gay but im not even very Happy.
YOu thought eyem homosexual but eyem lesbian.
eyem winning
eyem meaner then hog spitting
crack rocks onto the frozen lakes of michigrin
Hollywood is so full of SHeen the reflection leveled the skyline of New York City where they got this Giant Worm called Charlie
both hands on the crack pipe you see this now how brown cow eye spend seven dollars for my five dollar stones
eyem winning
when the mothers of mercy in Lost Vegas seen my show
they spent seven months
getting connections spending Cash they saved for seventeen years
now they see the dirty light of SHeen
they spend the time left on the earth just getting high
don't you see this now im SHeen
they call it SheenWood now
some small bit of knowledge is dangerous to them even Jefferson who never rode on airplanes is like Thomas who doubted Christs wisdom is like unto mine Sheenism is it not rocket scientry oh limitless achievements. Post Mordem Delicate eyem winning don't you see this
two byte actor on the stage working without the net
eyem winning
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