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PostSubject: GOLD   GOLD Icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2011 2:58 pm

Me Myself with eye its we now three of us begin. The end came not long after the war began it ended then the life begins for those who lived under the ground the rich men begin to crawl out of the rubble to start over. The richest of them went out went off to get his hoarded trouble. The Gold is here eye hid it before the war punched us the GOLD he cried the GOLD in his voice the quiver is singing this one word long GOLD is now his song. How many men died to feed this one Man his fortune now. SO self assured he tries to begin this new life just like his old one he Trusts in GOLD now. But the war has brought some changes. He could not find the market its only sticks where stones should be he passes several outbound buses no one aboard them empty shells of former prosperity's then he comes to one old Man sitting on one old crate of whiskey bottles next to him is his bicycle then further off in the distance it seems to be his dog. The GOLD Man stops short then freezes when he hears the old mans words. “de not cure for what ye want de not come here to buy with GOLD. de ye got weapons do ye got food.” The GOLD Man : eye got dozens of GOLD pieces more where this comes from. Its hidden eyem no fool. The OLD Man smiled then told him. “FOOL with GOLD you get no food from me or weapons of destruction the grocery is gone you will get nothing from no one.” THEN he “whistled” for his DOG. The dog bit the Gold Man then he dropped his Thirty GOLD pieces the dog would not let go until the OLD Man touched his ear lobe. The OLD Man laughed us he watched the GOLD Man pick the gold pieces upp from the dirt. The OLD Man watched him stumble off back the Way he came. To hide his GOLD back into the Earth they fools with gold will learn. He pulled the long neck whiskey from the very last bottle in the box then he swallowed it down in one grete gulp sure there would be some more somewhere he would find. Him with dog would find it. He stumbled to his bed where he lives with dog then he slept crying in his sleep he counted GOLD pieces while he weeps for the Gold Man.
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