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 TENNPM EnemyMine

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PostSubject: TENNPM EnemyMine   Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:21 pm

TENNPM EnemyMine


Living well is the only Justice. Ten little Indian chiefs but no Indians. eye go on living loving eye do not mourn the dead but go on living the food is there the clothing eye dress over the spikes under my clothing no one sees my Crucifixion eye just go on living loving eye mourn my suffering but abhor yours eye pray you do not suffer so half as much as eye. the end of trouble is the love for one or the love for two inside of you. eye feel eye left something out undisclosed undiscussed unmentioned is it the body function eye could do iff married it is true some men go to the Bordello or rent the room then walk the street find the lamppost where she is leaning just seems to be waiting for the taking it is for love. some men pretend to love some men who live with love who live alone pretend to love they seem so fine but no they miss the love the lover far away then something happens the daughter gets her birthday then the feeling comes the mother is so nice she is so full of love of life nothing is the problem now the problem fixed the Happy family includes the poet now begins to singing one little two little three little Indians enemymine.
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TENNPM EnemyMine
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