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PostSubject: NINENPMPp   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:23 pm

The old Man putt the flag up in the acorn tree then built his camp to live there his life over his mind on his own survival. You see when they shut down the Govt it did something to everyone Brains. The borderline nut cases become the criminals they kill the innocent. Blood will ruin your City Streets the Churches will close no Sunday Best no dinners in the Parks the Society is gone. You wish for no one to live the full long life so you took the money left them to die outside some people lived from one paycheck to the next they trusted the Govt. I have seen with this own eye people miss the bus the driver skipping them they were not near the bus stop buried in the snow they flagged the driver hoping for the ride home only to be ignored. There is one more homeless student here now. He lost his place to live but still kept his student I. D. Card he tried to live inside the building where he goes to attend his classes but he got caught sleeping in the night time. They kicked him out. He seemed so very sad the Day eye Saw him go he cried. You do your rules while the people die. Life is more then your money card. Private Hice Story. True Story now. Eye went (in Uniform) to study the IBM Index cards those perforated cards the computors do the Post Office with to send out Pay Checks in the Army. The Manager of the Post Office stopped me from removing one of the cards quickly dropped it back into the slot to continue on its Journey. Will the person still get his money? Yes they told me the system is perfect the govt is perfectly made. We will get paid we will Allways get paid. Then he told me to leave before he would call the police to come get me. WOW this turned into one more Private Hice Story. NINE for NPM. Listen Upp Minions do not ever Fold Spindle or Mutilate Americka.
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