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 SEven Poems for NPM

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PostSubject: SEven Poems for NPM    SEven Poems for NPM  Icon_minitimeThu Apr 07, 2011 12:47 pm

SEven Poems for NPM

SEven Poems for NPM

SevenPoemsNPMPenny SevenPoemsNPMPenny
by Charles Robert Hice on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 8:50am



Pennies from Heaven not one red cent penny for your thoughts lucky penny is heads penny saved is penny earned turn the penny toss the penny tuck the penny the penny in the fold. Pinch pennies pitch pennies putt pennies in the jars. Penny Loafers shoes. Penny poker penny glued to bench with super glue. Penny Candy Two. Inflation made it nickel Candy then one more dime then you got two pieces for one quarter then you get one piece for one more dollar now. Call the penny in the air to win the toss. Penny is the cup of them beside the phone for people who got none. When there is silver there eye get the dime eye get the nickel or the quarter out of there so pennies thrive. When caught eye smile there is only supposed to be pennies there eye try. No silver in them now no gold just green metal oxide getting old. The pennies cost too much to mint them now. Hoard them upp in barrels of them spend them anyhow. Penny Banks of piggies or unnatural arms come out to get the penny put it into the slot. Saving money never works people steal it from themselves they break the Bank open run to town to get the things they must have then they cry to broken pieces of there heart. Pennies gone. Go start looking for some more.


this poem is found in my em8il

&nd in my website now




Copper Penny. This Lincoln Cent might be made of copper or zinc, depending on when it was made. If it was made in 1982, you'll have to weigh it to tell. They do indeed go by weight. Some of them are steal. Some of them are sink. The ones that turn green quickly in the water are the copper. Not a lot of market for green copper oxiadated pennies. Lets go see what people do with them. Parking meters in some cities start at a Nickel for time. NO use to have them pennies handy. Drop them in some coke it cleans them up so temporary. Toss them at the wall see them fall away who was the closest has them all. There is a penny dish in all the better Places but some gas Stations still abstain it. Take one or leave one I find Dimes sometimes I steal them looking back at the attendant I say I found alucky Penny watch Him laughing at me. I once rolled #$50.00 up in penny rolls she wanted me to open them so she could see the copper on the counter at the bank I said YOU will count every penny while I WAIT she counted the ROlls and handed me the FIFTY DOLLARS just to get rid of me and on with life. There is still three coins in the fountain. Usually they are Pennies there. A penny for your thoughts today. Some old women pay the sales tax at the store one painful moment more the girl exasperated as she waits to ring it up as she lays them out along the line counting softly to herself almost a dime. She makes it nine. While the worker tried to grab a dime from her OH no she cries im getting rid of all these Pennies NOW while I am still in line. They end up fighting while they call Police and Ambulance will come. The new ones have differant pictures on the backs how come? But they cast more of them now and they cost more to make. YOu can still find your bottom dollar in your pants pocketed. Iff I had a Piggy Bank I would smash it with my FIST to get the Pennies that I need to get some more (whatever) at this finding MoreMisnomers.


Darkstone poet

*the NPM is still for National Poetry Month


its April
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SEven Poems for NPM
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