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  Poem SIx NPM

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PostSubject: Poem SIx NPM    Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:45 pm

Poem SIx NPM

Poem SIx NPM

Poem SIx NPM
Iff the INtergnet could talk OR Voice from Ethernet
This is the Web speaking. You YOU ewe yew all of you listen UPP. YOU got this one sided humanistic view of me. You got your nose in my windows seeing only why you wish of me not the whole big picture eye be like the universe zillions of pixel dusts not just your small window on my world wide goodnesses eyem primo evil not good nothing is forever but the earth the sky the web lOL the end of time those slanted eyes the girls so wise the length of time the searches they do when on one is working they play with those fans you knoe the ones they flirt with them eyes to each other they smile but who will smile to you you keep looking but the window is dark you peer into your future your past is the pits the Day time is boozing the loving is missed your loco loco loco lime colored glasses keep falling from your nose when you try to look into my windows you will find things like Jesus dry blood samples here is Jesus DNA this is the Helix of Jesus
JoDeOdSodUodSodtTtyeshuaaa tell them the Web sent you
eye knoe there is some poorer people who access the web without money they twitch the left nostril then send emails with the right one omg this wAs funnier when eye thought of it then it looks in print good thing eyem WINNING Goodnight ewe. TY for the emails.
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Poem SIx NPM
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