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 Poem Five

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PostSubject: Poem Five   Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:29 am

Poem Five
Tuesday 2011 poem Five for NPM
YOu get two AA batteries you get some electrical tape black some wire thin stuff then twist the wire in lengths to fit the batteries then you get the bulb burning bright then you tape it to hold it on it lasts until the batteries go out or you could break the wires from time to time to make it last longer then the Cub Scouts do this inside cardboard box lid to open the light or shut it off eye like to keep mine on then get more batteries from the scrounge or find them in the trash see how long they last the bulbs could be from old flashlights or even those little Christmas tree lights they toss them out when time is come to stop the lights from turning green to red or blinking fast. If the cub scouts teach there members how to do this then its ok for eye because eye was the good cub scout eye even did the scarfing out the uniformed living in the woods hiding from the Law. Reading paper back books with illegal flashlights. Eye got stories like this one Crack Plane (title) There is this Japanese Airline with lots of small planes so they got one big 757 with supersonic customers who rich. They landed in London one fine foggy Day long. When the Steward of the Airline greeted them to the gate terminal of England. “She did say. “Why did you come here so quick did you have crack on plane.” The startled pilot opened his briefcase filled with dozens of glowing rocks. “How you knoe SUezy. The stupid things is radioactive too.” Hope you got the joke ewe its all still inn the news.
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Poem Five
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