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 Poem Three

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PostSubject: Poem Three   Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:33 pm

Poem Three
Poem Three
Rock Sheen
The Stone Tablet is only inches the cyclops cyphering is the keenest he lists the people he has eaten He is in the City of the Nestor in the Region of Troy. He absentmindedly dropped the stone into the fire sealing the writing unknowingly. Ulysses's is not on this list he got out by hiding under the udder of the woolly beast he shuddered but hung out near Detroit. The third name on the left side of the stone rock is Sheen. How long it took mhy crew to decipher this is evident by this long hair on my long face. We did not expect to find this Rosetta stone in such the Hub City they usually turn upp only in the Capitol of Michigrin. The records of the Cyclops is usually 78 rpms. We do not think they meant Martin or Hulio er Estevan. We tired to find the word Charlie but is not there on the left side we think they dropped it broke it off. WOW. What a hot rock stone. Twitter is the tweetingest zillions of the best Way to get info of his best Sheenness. Iff only eye could get one JUST one of his JOKES inn this. (hold on) let me try. Oh no they booed him on his first try. SHeen is “Winning.”
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Poem Three
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