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 two poems

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PostSubject: two poems   Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:29 pm

two poems
Two poems on the poetry month
IN the course human events come to be tossed like salads out the chips lost to the garbage centers in my eye gone sour on my life now now ded ded ded dodo birds fly. Long thick tendrils of ice enter my mind. Define poem to be whatever the poet pens them to be. Poe or Emily. They wasted time with the forms of poetry. They would have done better to be prose penning ghosts telling lines over lines of misrhyming prose. Did Edger Allen ever touch his toes did Emily get kissed. Did they kiss the toes of this bearded one. Isn't prose funn. The love of Poe for DIckenson. Eye will wrap the venison in flowing robes of velvet for the purple flower to chew the tanning hide to make her moccasins we ride the wind tonight. The girlfriend is creek Indian. The picnic steaks is venison. Buck Poe not Roe Dickenson. Eye could do more in this vernacular however this Day is tedious longer then my patients will allow no im not the Doctor Jim eyem the airplane mechanic. Holding upp her wings. We fly.
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two poems
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