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 Mrch 29 2011 winter is slowly going now

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Mrch 29 2011 winter is slowly going now Empty
PostSubject: Mrch 29 2011 winter is slowly going now   Mrch 29 2011 winter is slowly going now Icon_minitimeTue Mar 29, 2011 11:43 pm

Charles Robert Hice
Japanese quakes throws Earth axis out. - 29th March 2011, 9:23 PM

--I was just reading that experts (NASA was named) say that the recent quake in Japan has knocked the Earth off axis by something like 25cm.
In the grand scheme of things that doesnt sound to bad but 25cm is quite a jolt.
What if any implications will this have in the l...ong term for the planet?.
the intergent is truley slower nowSee More
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Charles Robert Hice eye get frustrated with the lagg monsgter now
SPRINTed the chicken SPRINTed across the road to get out of the Blonde womens way they kept calling home on the Sprint Phone hitting Chickens upon the road home or anything else in the way

Lost Love oph
by Charles Robert Hice on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 9:34am

Lost Love oph

Lost Love oph

you knoe eye will not live long without your love the tight fisted length of my days is come upon my dalliances you must have found me out how old eye got no love you did not see my sadness for your love tis but ardor disguised to fool us the love twisted under rules of nostalgia covered over by dirt sticking to thick full Nappy rugs falling from workers boots tender in the feet they fill the bounty of your cleaning treating lovers in the boudoir while eye cut the new mowing Hay when will eye beheaded home Rome is calling eye to come my very molecules turned into someone else since the Day we met so long ago you love this clone you love this clown my love will you come home

ed,note.ed this is German love song.

Why did you leave me? Do I hate you now? But in this lies the hate love.

But I do understand it, I can not just stiffen up.

Now I wish you luck in the whole piece. I GIVE YOU FREE I know exactly,

do you love me, non, even if I love elen or too mny others who left eye ?????????

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Mrch 29 2011 winter is slowly going now
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