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PostSubject: Robotlines   Robotlines Icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 12:09 am

formed in dust the footprints of the just
stay alive stay alive stay alive
formed from clay the men advance
they walk alone in groups of five
the men advance in groups of five
the Pacifist the Killer the Judge
the user and the grundge
stay alive stay alive stay alive
the poet places lines near RobotLines
what the reader says there is more then five
more then five you say the poet counts the men
stay alive stay alive stay alive
five kinds of killers five types of RobotLines
everyman and none of them at all
the Pacifist will fight when cornered out he comes
the Killer is the able man in line
The Judge will only fight when no one is there to help him out
the user is the thief in line he only fights when caught
the grundge fights for honor and for truth
these five men repeat repeat repeat
stay alive stay alive stay alive
in RobotLines
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Charles Robert Hice the Pacifist the Killer The Judge the user the grundge
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