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Drinks are never on the house but out of pocket and time. This is a true street story. It was only 4:30 the sun is still in the sky. It happened in day time in a broad way all lit up. The man was soft spoken a clue not to mess with him. His hat was speaking cowboy and he was not yet drunken. His partner was wabbling his feet out from under him he looked this way and that and turned completely around that cowboy hat just trying to get his friend to go with him. He finally focused on his friend and walked up right behind eye became a little nervous drunks are big guys. He said where are you going. GOSH these Fellowes was so polite to one another. TO THE MALL was the cowboy answer. There is one all the way downtown. They just mingled down on the corner like so many songs say. Someone must have cell phoned the police unless they were close as eye they did not hear all this polite. It looked like an old fashioned fight. They were grabbing each others arms in efforts to change directions is all this non fighting loving was. The only law they were breaking was dancing on the sidewalk in a broad way all lit up. The police rounded the corner not a soul in sight but eye and they ignore me eye look like a purveyor of souls selling truth serum on the sidewalk in New Mexico.
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