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and then a poet a man eye admire he made a comment on my poem the one that eye admire and then the comment hit me like a flag inside the wind eye made it MA eye did it now eye poet just like them the cushy jobs they all were taken by the men who live to kill the other men were eating bacon with the will to carry them on paper they look inside the ledger to make sure they stay on ink and underline them when they feel that they are worth more then all them prisoners they deep sixed the shirts come back from cleaners the bills are always paid on time the badge more shiney then the leather on the gun the sun it never finds them they hide them eyes behind them mirror glasses hide the badges on the belts underneathe the coats from racks of dozens like them they choose the looks of goats come down from heavens hillsides to work and fleece the flocks as eye in my leather jacket with rain shoes on eye best them all as eye sit here inside my fall upwards to the TOPPoftheworldMA. My greensleeves browned.

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