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Three Zillion of Them when eye FINLAND them and POLISH
YAY Nepal. When you make comments two of them in a row they can get squished out by other commentators on the thread belongs to the person on the started it. Iff you are uncertain who replied to whom look up at the starting line. Iff you still have got to be rude it can sort of make you look fuelish dude like a tanker spilling oil about 30,000 feet down below just killing tunae. The host who began the message wants them comments to be there for them for her or him they are not all of them there for you or all of them there for eye. When in doubt do the common abstain the thing just leave it out. When it happens to me on facebook it happens a lot to eye just go back and delete all my comments sometimes. This leaves a hold near the conversation. A gapp of some small proportions and the owner of the thread is gasping now for breathe trying to decypher just what was meant when what you said just makes no sense atoll like oil on bird wings. Tuna tastes better without oil when its packed in spring water the can is even cheeper there on shelf the little dolphin picture on the can it never helps to be so stupid on my facebook every woman every man watch your posting fingers on your keyboards is there black sludge dripping in between your fingers??? Jack Mackerel is the best for meetings please putt out some crackers with the toothpicks and them little off size square napkins that people never use them they just hold them upp then quickly stuff them under cupp in the middle of the psalms please stop using punch and make some coffee for the men they need it. Lemonades for girls on FacebookPoem3.

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