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"Bring me a soda honey." This is what a man says after work is over and he is at home with wifey. When he is at work he is a boss but he is nice. He shows the woman person come to buy the sample case and says. "Please take your time. HURRY UPP honey he is yelling at his wifey. Eye really need that soda SOME TIME TODAY." When he was back at work he had it back to back to say. "Tell me what you eye has caught. Tell me what you may have come to want." And he is gently pulling at her hand. The wifey walks into the room and gingerly holds out the soda cause he grabs. The wifey redials the phone redials the channel selector then sits down. He guzzles the soda and nuzzles the edge of the can. "Do you want another one" she says. He frowns and bellows "NO not now. Cant you see they are on our 50 yard line? " When the woman lifts her hand at work and points out her new purchase he is quick to underscore the new purchase agreement and make her sign on the dotted and this is what he says " I have come to reverantly worship all women." When the game is over halfway over and the third quarter starts to move the ball he smiles over at the wifey and he BURPS real loud. "GO GET ME ANOTHER SODA" and she bows.
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