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It is not just a movie to these people its just a job or better a way to say this is it is a way of life to some of them a few a very few have left the clutches of time to become religious alas there was far too few of them to better understand this actual Industry is why eye am bothering today to publish this PornographyasINdustry and since eye have never done a movie in this business eye am limited to science fiction guessing. They must make a lot of money but eye heard things were used to be slow so they got paid a lot less when there was no one viewing these things were not in the mainstream eye think that people got used to seeing real movies and then just took the extra step to viewing porn. It fills the lonesome that we are. It does not seem to hurt the flesh we dwell in hours of want without the taunt of silver screen and golden calf and thigh. Yes charlax likes to view girls wearing glasses make me sigh. There is not much to a man who works in movies he removes his clothing and does his naked for the camera and with or without others helping they prance and dance and spend long hours in romances. They take the money that they make megabucks and zillions and they add it to the little white and blue card that simply says its VISA. The American Dream is now the PornographyasINdustry.
We used to say a fight was a bad fight and a bad fight was hitting below the belt. Now this fight has niches. Back door is wrong to dew. Eye am against any representation of bondage or death. STRAIGHT S*X is the defintion. Deviant and even some soft porn can be too violenced. Please leave my total life alone and let me smurf exciting funn porn. Someday there will be filters on all the free computors and no one able to open anything at all. But eye do agree that some of it is wrong. But iff it means keeping my freedom eye will pick the things eye look at and ignore the ones eye dont. Its the American way. A better option then a blank shot. CharlaX loves to look and look and want. Girl with girl and guy. Whats upp. You can even email some websites that are oriental toword violence wait eye meant orientated pardon mye participles and adjectives. Iff you think its easy to write about this subject without tripping off the censors you can try it. Eye am still young at heart and loving life and looking at some love eye find the porn that eye do not consider to be wrong.

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