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 SONNET of William CHarlaX Splenda

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PostSubject: SONNET of William CHarlaX Splenda   SONNET of William CHarlaX Splenda Icon_minitimeMon Sep 06, 2010 10:52 am


SONNET of William CHarlaX Splenda

Posted: Splenda Ewe


Phi Kappa Kappa
That ewe art blamed shall not be ewe deficit,
For slander's boss was ever yet the fairly angry;
The ornament of beauty is suspected there between thy mistletoes,
A crow that frowns on heaven's sweetest face.
So ewe be well, slander doth but approve thy works tho evil they may seem to boss
Thy worth the greater in mye heart, being woo'd of time lost to bandwidth use;
For intergnet vice the sweetest you tubes doth ewe love,
And thou present'st a pure unstained prime time defective trace.
Thou hast pass'd by the chat box of younger days,
Either not in haste or too busily being charged;
Yet this thy function of the phoney cell cannot be so thy praise forgotten for the time is gone from typing love,
To tie up CharlaX evermore enlarged: how could you dear use up your time upon your phone.
If some suspect of ill has hidden you do not thy show,
Then ewe and ewe alone kingdoms of hearts is missing ewe oh woe.
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SONNET of William CHarlaX Splenda
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