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“Sword of Light”
As they picked me up my arms clenched lightly balled my fists as eye swung side to side connected with the nothing that eye am inside they held me under the black braken water of the River Styx My arms with everything else underneathe even my head eye almost drowned the only Achilles heel left out where Bhudda held me in his crab appendages he was in manifest a Cancer making me an Armor covered war machine. No sword of man can penetrate the death machine eye am the flesh is dead repels the death that they can bring eye am “Siddhartha” Lord Of Light my nonexistent Sword of Light was given eye by Goddesses of Light no foe can escape my sight eye smite they fall upon the INDRI terrace where eye dwell a cross of Death upon my brow upon my head the Skull. Gleaming as eye fight the ignorance of Soldiers in the field thinking they are men eye light fires upon the carcasses of them soon all of them will fall to rise no more but in the ashes there is Phoenixes by score. Ephesians 6:13
Therefore take to yourselves the full armour of God that
you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and
having overcome completely to go on standing.
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