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PostSubject: HIGHfive   Sat May 01, 2010 11:53 am



It is of no concern of mine iff you need to hang ten and high five. Made me laugh with a mouth full of soda. Spewed it out laughing that looks so funny on a television screen but not on a laptop all over the thing. Eye slapped my thigh that was a real knee jerker as well as tossing up all mye cokkies on the keyboard. Makes this seem differant dudinit, you. Laught so hard eye wept mye pants. Went blind from the people taking pictures of the birthday eye did not have any warning they just started shooting eye can still see them bright shiney stars. Not sure iff a warning would have helped much most people just nod the head and keep on trucking doing what they do no a warning would not have helped me much eye would have nodded to be polite and kept on seeing what eye was doing whay me. Whay does this things only happen unto eye? They took the happy little children outside into the playground and eye am slowly recovering mye sight. Noise in the public eye. Why is it acceptable to yell and let them little people yell in a public place what ever happened to being led to believe we was supposed to be quiet there in public placed. Add to this my normal Holiday depression in the way of rudeness. Makes me glad to leave eventual. Eye will let the scream door slap me in the behind on the way out of Colorado. What makes this poem good leave changes until the morrow make them all in April. HIGHfive.

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