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PostSubject: Afterlife   Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:04 pm


The end of life WILL come what then ? Remember the starting gun ? The life was made refreshed and gone. What do we do then before the throne ? Before we get our wings. Men and even women walk them streets of golden no wings will then be needed no wings of silver or of gold. Trust Jesus. Eternity is a long time to live is better then to die. To rule in That lake of Fire and Brimestones is for the Devils that will always be there. The servants of the Lord will someday rule in Heaven. Place no stone near where you lay my head or nowhere near mye body then. There is no way eye want to be remembered here. No salutes. No decoration boots. Mye livery will be delivery. Mye life will be up there. Up Yonder like all the songs says. For the Lord will change my body and purify mye soul. The people is nice and the coffee is 155p McDonalds had a ringer a man with a Dell laptop just like mine he was doppleganger with no hair upon his head. News is spiffy today eye am inn a new internet cafe. Heaven is near at hand a BlackViolet at mye elbow and a hot connection in mye hand. The Italian flavor not sweeten coffee not booze okay??? thankzx you minions for concerned for eye. AfterDeath is AfterLife.
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