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Its Maunday Thursday. "Wash mye feet replace the socks with meat leave the dime a tip", he said it with a smile like lisp. "Its not Monday", she replied. She went on to say "my yesterday was Wandsday" and she is not thirsty. "Eye am not a dime", she said it strong. "Dont you call me a dime." (Dame) Edna. "Its the Last Supper anyhow", he said it with a smile like twist. "Oh no she cried we will eat again." "We are not pagan." "We can eat anything cause we are Christian." "Eggs and eggs and more eggs cause that Bunny Hopped around." Christian apology for paroday. "Let me have mye way with you mye Dear", he said it with a smile so clear. And when the Rabbit died the Lord was born. (Inn many poor tenements and outhouses). Mandatum is where we get Mandate from and datum is where we get data from and we get plenty data from a Mandate dont we minions. You took an oath they cried but there is no money in the pledge box we cry. Eye can raise my arm and pledge a lot but paying is something else come what may come what might be a hard thing to accomplish sometime. There is eggs in all mye pocketses. "Let me marry ewe and make an honest woman out of ewe" he said it with a smile so broad. She said, "my Husband already did that when he gave me our wedding band." "What kind of band did play at your wedding," he said it with a smile and also said he was thirsty. "A soap box with a derby on some spoons and one guy tarred." "We have some wine to share its grape for you and white for eye." "He cried." He said it with a smile with all that egg upon his facebook page he cant delete he cant erase and so he cried there for a while a aaa large disgrace." On MaundyThirsty day in April.
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